Nautical News April 2006- Vol. 108 No. 4

Commodore’s Corner

Well, here we are again - the opening of another season, our 108th, but the weather is not cooperating. The Frostbite Regatta was a success, and went off without a hitch. Opening day was another matter. The weather was terrible, but that didn’t prevent a few stalwarts from showing up to kick off the new season. Mary Rose Cassa, Thomas Thomas, Mike Stobbe and I were on hand for about a half-hour’s worth of sailing in the rain and wind.

The week after opening day was the March club meeting. We had an excellent turnout and immediately following the meeting we held the Ragtop Stinkpot regatta. The weather cooperated by being beautiful. We had enough sailors to field four relay teams of three sailors each, and a really good time was had by all. Those of you who didn’t sail in the regatta this year need to make a note to yourself to do so next year.

Thanks go to Tony Marshall who acted as this year’s honorary chairman for the Rag Top Stinkpot, and to Alan Warren who provided the lunch. We had originally planned to feed only the participants, but since a membership meeting was scheduled for that day we thought it a bit tacky to feed just the participants, so we fed all hands. This is the third time this year I have called upon Alan on very short notice to provide victuals for a club event. Each time he has willingly and graciously stepped up to the plate so to speak. On behalf of all members, thanks Alan.

It seems as though holding this regatta in conjunction with a general membership meeting is a good idea – a pattern we should repeat in the future.

Last weekend, March 13th, the Santa Barbara fleet sailed in the wind and rain, and we had an excellent turnout. At times it was uncomfortable, but as David Ward said, “No one will ever accuse SFMYC sailors of being of the fair weather variety.” (David drove all the way up from Monterey to sail in the regatta. No way were we going to have all of that expensive gasoline burned for naught.)

Speaking of David Ward, I hope all of you have taken the opportunity to visit our new web site. And I hope you will all agree with me that an excellent job by David is well underway. Thanks David.

I want to especially thank Don Ciucci for his outstanding stewardship of a particularly thorny issue, which threatened to become a divisive one. I see no benefit in going into the details here. Suffice it to say that the club owes Don a huge debt of gratitude for his masterful handling of the matter. I believe that he single-handedly resolved an issue that threatened to once again open old wounds and disaffect a significant portion of the membership.

Don’t forget, we are hosting a visit by the Friends of Filoli, at about 1:30pm on Thursday, March 30th. They want to see some of our beautiful boats in the clubhouse and on the water. We have an Infinity 54 regatta scheduled that day. It would be greatly appreciated if a few members could come to the lake on March 30th to help Ed Schoenstein and me show these folks around the clubhouse. Maybe we could also put a boat or two in the water after the regatta, so that we can provide an indication of the spectrum of our hobby. Power and sail boat skippers showing off their vessels would be appreciated I’m sure. Please contact Ed or me if you can give us a hand.

Jim Forbes Commodore

Minutes of the SFMYC General Membership Meeting of 11 March 2006

Commodore Forbes called the meeting to order at 1105. Officers and Directors present were Commodore Jim Forbes, Vice Commodore Mary Rose Cassa, Recording Secretary John Strebel, SSO/Free Sail Mike Stobbe, PSO Ken Reilly and Directors-at-Large Carl Brosius, Dave Sands and Ed Schoenstein. Absentee(s): Treasurer Stephen Ma, and Directors-at-Large John Garis, Jim Harvey,
The Minutes of the January, 2006 General Membership Meeting were approved as printed in the February, 2006 NAUTICAL NEWS with the following revision: The Hyde Street Model Shipwrights will meet at 0900 on 15 April 2006 at Aquatic Park.
Commodore Forbes read the Treasurers Report as submitted by Stephen Ma. The General Membership accepted the Treasurers Report as read. He also indicated that Board members Carl Brosius and Ed Schoenstein completed an audit of the books and were found to be “clean as a whistle.”
Commodore Forbes also thanked Don Ciucci for being the moderator of the “X” class free sailors meeting which created a new classification of “X” class, the “Classic X Class.”
Vice Commodore Cassa spoke to the review and update of the By-Laws.
SSO/Free Sail Mike Stobbe reported on Opening Day, which was conducted on 05 March 2006. He also reported upon the creation of a new “X” class – the “Classic X Class” and that the Wheelers will be a “provisional” Class this year.
The General Membership approved a motion to conduct a SFMYC Banquet on Saturday, 12 August 2006, which will be held at the Irish Cultural Center, Sloat Blvd and 45th Avenue. Reservations and payments must be made in advance ($31.00 per person with a minimum guarantee of 50 people.)
PSO Ken Reilly reported on the Frostbite Regatta and indicated the increased activity of the “Springer” tugboats. He also reminded All Hands of the Titanic Rescue Regatta scheduled for 09 April 2006.
Dave Sands reported that an updated frequency list has been posted.
Ed Schoenstein reminded All Hands of the visitation of the Filoli group on Thursday, 30 March 2006 at approximately 1330.
Ken Valk indicated he has received information that MIDWEST MODELERS will continue to produce most R/C boat kits. He will continue to cover this breaking story and possible impact on WBOP. Additionally, he talked of running the old-fashioned gas boats and possibly reviving “Classical Gas.)
New members accepted into the SFMYC were Jim Braimerd, Rick Weiderhorn, Robert Klemmedson and Lavren Williams. Welcome Aboard.
Tony Marshall formatted teams for participation in the Ragtop Stinkpot Regatta to ensure all participants would have a good time.
Meeting was adjourned at 1157.

Respectfully Submitted, John Strebel, Recording Secretary

Sail Squadron Report

Opening Day, Sunday March 5
Opening Day was Sunday, March 5, but unfortunately adverse weather made it a non-event. Dire forecasts of a severe storm kept most people away. Only four sailors braved the elements: Mary Rose Cassa, Jim Forbes, Thomas Thomas, and yours truly. Actually, conditions weren’t as bad as feared. The winds were light to strong, gusty, and swirling, generally from the southeast. The rain mostly held off until about 2:00. Having made a respectable showing, we scuttled back to the clubhouse. You can’t win ‘em all.
Classic X Freesail Class
A new freesail class was created March 4, 2006 at an X class skipper’s meeting held at the clubhouse. Comprising a subset of the existing X class, the new class will be called the Classic X. More restrictive than the existing X class, Classic X rules require that the boats be “traditionally” styled and of all wood construction, Most of the X boats in the club will qualify. The Classic X class will have it’s own 6-race season and it’s own championship trophy. However, since the existing X class has not changed it’s rules, Classic X boats will continue to be eligible to compete in X class events as well. The calendar has been modified to accommodate the new class. Copies of the Classic X Rating Rules will be available in the clubhouse, or I can send them by e-mail upon request. I’ve also put copies of the Rating Rules for the other freesail classes in the clubhouse.
Boat Storage Agreements
Last month, I published a list of members who had not yet turned in boat storage agreements for 2006. I was surprised that fully half of the sail squadron was included. Well, I quickly received several protests from members who claimed to have paid their storage fees. Conferring with Steven Ma, we ascertained that everyone on the list had in fact paid for storage, but that none had turned in their storage agreements. The problem can be traced to the fact that due to oversight (I won’t say whose), the Membership Renewal forms and the Boat Storage Agreement forms were not published together in the same issue of the Nautical News, but in consecutive issues. The most civic-minded, responsible members promptly renewed and paid all their fees without realizing that the storage agreement forms weren’t included. Those more inclined to procrastination received their boat storage forms a month later and turned in both. It just goes to show, no good deed goes unpunished. Now, I still need Boat Storage Agreements from everyone who hasn’t turned one in yet. I will have the forms at the April meeting. Steven Ma and I are considering ways in which the format of the two forms can be modified or combined to simplify this annual rite to a single page. When we’ve got something, we’ll bring it to the board.
X-Class, the Dickie Cup
The freesail racing season made it’s debut Saturday, March 18 with the X-Class Dickie Cup regatta. While March weather has been pretty depressing to date, the weather gods were smiling on us Saturday. The first truly nice day in a long time arrived with perfect timing. A field of five turned out: Jim Forbes, Jean Nisbett, Jeff Stobbe, Paul Staiger, and Mike Stobbe. Notably, Jeff made the field with X-98 Centennial only two weeks after entirely ripping off its keel while trying (unsuccessfully) to bore a new canal between Spreckels Lake and JFK Drive. Paul Staiger, a veteran M-class competitor, was making his first X-class race, leasing the club’s X-27, Anna II. And Frank Nisbett relinquished the helm of X-38, Hocus Pocus, to Jean, while offering sage advice from the sunny comfort of the lakeside benches.
Unfortunately, although it was a beautiful day, the wind conditions were difficult. Very northerly, and veering from full west to full east, the wind was coming through the trees along Fulton Street creating swirling vortices. Nonetheless, Jeff produced a perfect score, winning the right to fly the blue Dickie Cup flag until next year. The rest of the fleet trailed rather distantly. The complete results are:

1st Jeff Stobbe X-98, Centennial
2nd Jim Forbes X-4, Regulus
3rd Mike Stobbe X-38, Spearment
4th Paul Staiger X-27, Anna II
5th Jean Nisbett X-38, Hocus Pocus

Championship Scoring
A reminder to the freesail racers this season: the season championship will be based on a cumulative point scoring system of all six regular season races with one throw-out. Championship points will be entry-dependent, so winning a race with a big turnout will be more valuable than if the turnout is small. To illustrate, for the X-class race above, with 5 entries, Jeff will score 5 championship points, Jim 4, Mike 3, Paul 2, and Jean 1. If there had been eight starters, first place would have been worth 8 points instead of 5 points. It’s relatively simple, rewards everyone who shows up, and doesn’t let first place scorers run away from the field too quickly.
For Sail
A brand new Wheeler kit for half-price, still in the box. Complete kit, has everything except one servo. All blocks, spars, rigging, epoxies, glues, and paint. New Windjammer sails, new 4 channel radio. $3,000 invested, asking $1,500. What a deal! Contact Thomas Thomas at (415) 332-0780.

Mike Stobbe, SSO

Power Squadron Report

In a time when hype, image and attitude pass for any form of actual talent, it is nice to see that real talent does still exist. The Frostbite offers a chance for the exchange of ideas, building techniques and to be among a group of craftsmen of vast different boating interests. This year we had nine entries who displayed 13 models in one of the event’s seven classes. A voting does take place to select the best of each class and the Best of Show. This year the voting was not as easy as one might think. The final counts had Don Ciucci winning the Best of Show by only one vote. Don’s 65” Hacker Craft “Debby Ann” is a work in progress and is a reproduction of Virgil Gustavino’s “Margie” from the 40s. The paint and woodwork on Don’s boat must be seen to truly be appreciated.
--Another work in progress was entered by one of the very best modelers I have ever seen and that would be Kip Catanese. Kip is no stranger to the club. He was a guest speaker about two years ago and he did a presentation on building Chris-Crafts and some of the custom made gig fixtures used in building his boats. This year Kip entered a 27” Chris-Craft Cobra which he said started off as a Dumas kit but you would never believe it. The quality of workmanship is unsurpassed. As you look at the dash, steering wheel and the upholstery, you are blown away by the attention to detail and the commitment in time and skill that it took to achieve components at this high of a level. For those who took an interest, Kip was more than glad to share how he achieved the results. When finished, Kip’s runabout will be as good as it gets in R/C boating, bar none. The few photos I took do not do justice to many of the boats and especially to the woodwork on Kip’s boat. Again, something you just had to see.
--You need to take in this event to get an appreciation for the woodwork of people like Wayne Miller on his 31” tug “Ella E”, the detail of the tugs built by Tom LaMantea and the paint finishing on Don Ciucci’s boat. It was good to see the exchange of ideas and also a few new faces like B.J. Price who won in the Fishing category with his 21” “Orca” from the movie Jaws. B.J.’s boat was a scratch built, highly detailed model which really captured the look of the real boat.
--The winner in the Open Class category was Frank Nisbett and Tom LaMantea was the winner in the Tug N’ Tow and Military categories. There were no entries in this year’s Commercial and Sail categories. Come out, come out wherever you are. The weather or the threat of it may have kept the attendance down but for those who came out to vote and or take part in the event, I say a big Thank You. A special Thanks goes out to Donna and Tom for getting the coffee and donuts, doing the registration and helping with the set up and running of the event. I would also like to thank John Garis, Don Ciucci Ken Valk and all the others who helped with the set up and take down of the event. Last but not least, to Till Mossi for his scoring help. Take the time to look over the photos in this issue. Hope to see you at next year’s Frostbite.
--Tidbit: On the first copies of the mailed out 2006 Power Squad Schedule, the date for Wooden Boats on Parade is incorrect and should read October 28.
--Another tidbit: Springer Limited
By the time you are reading this or having it read to you, the April 2nd practice date will have come and gone. Not until June 25th will we meet again. Something very interesting is starting to happen. Lee Duvall took a video tape up to the Northwest R/C Ship Modelers and they are seriously considering adopting our restrictions to their original Springer Class rules. I spoke on March 9th to Mel Suelzle, their club’s commodore, and there is quite an interest in a Springer Limited Class of polo boats. I sent out a good deal of additional info on what we are doing and spent a fair amount of time addressing their concerns. Just think if they go with compatible boats, in a year or so, we could have a club challenge event. I for one would be glad to travel north to take on the rain lovers. It would be fun to kick some out of state butt. Come on Springer-Dingers, what are we, men or mice? Who said “pass the cheese”? Was that you, Lingscheid? You’re on my list!
--Last of the tidbits: April 9, 9:00am-The Titanic Rescue Regatta
Tom LaMantea will be the C/D for the event. Call Tom at (415) 479-0906 for information.
--Update on Midwest Modeling
Not touched on earlier was a talk that Ken Valk gave during the Frost Bite gathering. Ken alleviated our concerns about the direction that the new owners were planning on taking the company. It sounds like Midwest will not be getting out of the boat kit manufacturing business. They are considering dropping their line of RC airplanes and “almost ready to run” boats. However, they plan to continue their fine boat kits. We all welcome that good news. Had Midwest dropped their line of kits it would have been a big deal and a huge loss to R/C power boating.
--That’s all for now.

Ken Reilly, PSO

RC Sailing Report

The Ragtop/Stinkpot Regatta was held on Saturday March 11, after the monthly meeting. After a great lunch, it was a fun event out on the lake. As usual my boat was all over the place so I wasn’t much help to our team .Thanks to Tony Marshall for officiating. Teams were made up of three each – one Power Boater as Captain and two Sailors as the rest of the team. Although I am not showing the results here, I thank all those members who came out to race, or to support the Club. Thanks.

David Sands, RC Sailing Officer


In case you missed the March meeting I’m happy to report that the club has endorsed a return of running our “vintage” gasoline power models on selected Sundays each month. These types of boats are often referred to as the “classics” by our power squad. Lately we have experienced a renewed interest in these boats and will be seeing several new additions at lakeside by years end.
--Many of these models were built back in the 60’s and 70’s, long before electric was a feasible source of power. Most were scratch built and featured unique and beautiful handcrafted wood working. They were powered by gasoline engines that presented a graceful “scale appearance” in the water. Today, these models are among the most highly prized possession of collectors.
--But when matched against modern day hulls, the old classics are slow and awkward. Today’s “out of the box, ready to run” boats feature light weight composites, ultra high powered gasoline and nitro powered engines. Most modern V mono and tunnel style hull designs are capable of speeds in excess of 50mph. This is twice the speed of the old classics. So for safety reasons it was decided it would be unwise to run these vintage craft with the faster gasoline and nitro power boats that run on our lake on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
--Initially we will try running the Classical Gas boats as we did in the past, on Sundays with the regular power squad scheduled events, excluding the Tug and Towing events. We will develop a specific schedule and will send it out to all those interested. If you would like to participate, or have any ideas suggestions, please contact me at650-755-2325 or Don Ciucci at 650-355-9519.
--But we must remember, engines must have mufflers (preferably water cooled and exhausted thru the transom) and slower vessels such as sail boats, and steam and electric power boats, always have the right of way.

Keep On Floatin, Ken Valk, Chairman, Historical Power Boat Committee


By-Laws Update and Amendment Process

To encourage member input to the updating and amending of the SFMYC Constitution and By-Laws, a portion will be printed in upcoming issues of the Nautical News. If you have suggestions for changes, please write or e-mail Jeff Stobbe with your comments. All comments will be compiled and considered by the By-Laws committee. Articles VI and VII follow, and are printed as they currently appear in the members’ booklet.

By-Laws Committee: Jeff Stobbe, Bob Stark, Mary Rose Cassa

Management and Administration.
Section 1. The government of the club shall be vested in a Board of Directors consisting of several senior members in good standing or Honorary life members, elected by the voting members of the Club. All Directors shall be model boat owners.
Section 2. The Officers of the Club shall be members of the Board of Directors and shall consist of a Commodore who shall also serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors, a Vice-Commodore, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Sail Squadron officer and a Power Squadron Officer.
Section 3. All elective Officers and Directors shall be nominated at the November general membership meeting and be elected by a majority of those members present at the December Annual membership meeting each year. The Officers elected shall be installed by the Commodore after the report of the election committee. The newly elected Commodore shall close the meeting.
Section 4. Elective Officers and Directors shall serve for a one (21) year term from the time of their election or until their successors are appointed. Elective officers and Directors may serve for no more than three (3) terms in succession in any one office.
Section 5. Vacancies shall be filled for any unexpired terms by the Board of Directors, except if the office of Commodore is vacated the Vice-Commodore shall succeed.
Section 6. Qualifications – Any Senior member in good standing or Honorary life member may hold an elective office or serve as a Director.
Duties of Officers and Directors
Section 1.. The Commodore is the Chief executive officer of the Club as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He shall appoint committees as are necessary for the conduct of the business of the Club. He may call Special meetings of the Club or the Board of Directors at his pleasure, and shall do so at the written request of three (3) members in good standing. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.
Section 2. The Vice-Commodore. It shall be the duty of the Vice-Commodore to assist the Commodore in the discharge of his duties, and in his absence to officiate in his stead.
Section 3. The Secretary. It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of all meetings and send all regular notices and any that may be required by the Commodore. He shall read the minutes of the previous monthly meeting at each general membership meeting. In case of absence or any inability on the part of the Secretary to attend any meeting of the Club, he shall cause the necessary books and papers to be conveyed to the place of meeting in due time for that particular meeting.
Section 4. The Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect all fees and dues, and to keep accurate records of all expenditures. He shall make a financial report at each general membership meeting. In case of absence or any inability on the part of the Treasurer to attend any meeting of the Club, he shall cause the necessary books and papers to be conveyed to the place of meeting in due time for that particular meeting.
Section 5. The Sail Squadron Officer shall be a member of any committees concerned with Sail Sqdrn. Activities. He shall maintain a list of all boat models stored in the Clubhouse. The list will include a brief description of the model, the name, address and phone number of the present owner. The Sail Sqdrn. Officer shall direct all Sail Sqdrn. Activities and act as or may appoint an Official Club measurer.
Section 6. The Power Squadron Officer shall be a member of any committees concerned with Power Sqdrn. Activities. He shall direct all Power Sqdrn. Activities.
Section 7. The Directors-at-large shall be Senior members in good standing or Honorary life members. There shall be no more than five (5) Directors-at-large at any net me. At least one of the Directors-at-large shall have been an Office of the club within the last three (3) years and possess a degree of experience and expertise in model boating which will be of value to the Club.
Section 8. It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to take charge of and be responsible for the property of the Club. The Directors shall be authorized to conduct the business of the Club between meetings. They may act as a Finance committee and audit the financial status of the Club, or hire an independent agency qualified to perform an audit. They may adopt such rules and regulations for the good and welfare of the Club that do not conflict with these Constitutional By-laws. They shall report the proceedings of all Board of Directors meetings at the next general membership meeting. They shall be empowered to spend a specified amount of money each month on behalf of the Clubs [sic] best interest prior to approval of the membership.
Section 9. The Board of Directors may review all requests for keys to the Clubhouse. Criteria for approval or denial will be based upon the need of the member for access to the Clubhouse. A suitable deposit is required from any member granted possession of a Clubhouse key. All keys shall remain the property of the Club.
Section 10. Regatta Committees. It shall be the duty of the Regatta committees to plan all yearly racing and sailing activities. Prior to March 1st. each year they shall jointly publish and post in the Clubhouse a calendar of scheduled events.
Section 11. Port Quartermaster. The Commodore may appoint a Port Quartermaster. It shall be the duty of this person to keep the Clubhouse clean and perform such other tasks as required by the Commodore.