Nautical News March 2008- Vol. 110 No. 3

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As you know, we took advantage of our new bylaws last month, and in lieu of a business meeting, we devoted the time to our annual awards ceremony. Our attendance was boosted by the fact that the Frost Bite regatta immediately followed the meeting. Both events heralded a very successful beginning for the new year. Thanks to Mary Rose Cassa for coordinating and preparing the commemorative awards, and to Alan Warren, who has become the club caterer over the past couple of years.

The Frost Bite was very successful. According to Lee Duvall, we had more entrants than he had estimated. And, it appeared as though holding the Frost Bite right after the meeting generated a healthy intra club interest. There were some spectacular displays of exceptional craftsmanship on display. Thank you Lee for a job well done, and thank you Tom La Mantea for not letting us cancel the event this year.

This month marks the opening of the 2008 sailing season. Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday, March 8th, right after the meeting and a club provided lunch. The first event of the season will be the Rag Top Stink Pot Regatta, which starts at 1:00pm. This is always a fun event, and right afterward there will be open sailing on the lake for everyone.

As you know, Nelson Chang donated his 36R #13 to the club. Initially the board had decided to auction the boat at the March meeting. The board of directors subsequently decided to put the auction on hold, pending a more careful consideration by the membership of alternative dispositions of the boat. This will be discussed at the March meeting. Depending upon the members’ decision, if there is to be an auction of #13, it will be held at our April, or May meeting.

Remember, opening day, Saturday, March 8th, followed by the Rag Top Stink Pot at 1:00pm, and open sailing after that. See all of you there.

Jim Forbes, Commodore