Sail Squadron FAQs

Must I own a boat to race?

Not necessarily.  It depends upon which class of yacht you wish to race with.  The Club owns a number of boats which are available to members for a seasonal lease very inexpensively.  These are in the freesail classes X, Classic X, M and 36R.  The Club also owns one radio control ODOM Class boat which is not leased, but is available for day use with no charge.  If you are interested in one of the other classes raced in the SFMYC, you will probably have to own your own boat, but sometimes a private lease with another member can be arranged.  If you already own a boat which is of a different class than those active in the SFMYC, you will be out of luck, racewise.  You will have to call other model yacht clubs to find one that hosts an active fleet of your boat's class.