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Santa Barbara Class

Santa Barbara classIf you have been looking for a radio controlled model yacht that majestically sails and elegantly maneuvers like a crew driven Maxi or 60 footer, the SANTA BARBARA One-Design (OD) is for you. The Santa Barbara is a fractional rigged sloop on a near 6 foot long hull. It's designed for racing in a range of sailing conditions from performing well in light winds to being, well behaved and manageable in rough waters and 15 knots of wind.

It was introduced in 1964 and was one of the first classes to be accepted by the newly formed AMYA in 1971. It is recognized as a modern classic throughout the association. Because of the one-design concept the boats built in the 1960's are competitive to those boats built in the 90's when racing around the buoys. Because of the history of stability in design the Santa Barbara remains popular in the association as a "class boat". The portability of the Santa Barbara is enhanced due to the removable mast, rudder and keel. Most sedans or coupes can transport your yacht to the nearest pond for a day of sailing.  Design specifications and manufacturers can be found at the American Model Yachting Association, as well as contact information for the class secretary.

SFMYC members have approximately 20 Santa Barbaras.  There are eight races during the season, all held on weekends.  See the Current Sail Squadron Regatta Schedule for race dates.


10 Rater Class

Relatively new to SFMYC is the 10 Rater.  It is a medium to large size developmental class yacht with a reputation for speed. Also recognized by AMYA as an International class, worldwide support for this graceful yacht promotes racing and design advancements on the very leading edge of performance. The name "10 Rater" refers to the formula used to determine the legality of boats within this class. If, after working through a formula, you arrive at a number of "10" or less, then you have a boat that fits into the 10 Rater class.

RX Class

Click here for a larger picture The RX CLASS is the radio-controlled counterpart of the freesail X-class.   The X Class was created in 1939 as an “experimental” class, to allow builders to try out different ideas in yacht design.  Thus, it is a developmental class, unlike the other RC classes in the SFMYC, which are one-design classes.  The RX Class's overarching rule is a limit of no more than 1,000 square inches of measured sail area, with almost no restrictions as to hull shape, length, weight, materials, or type of rig.  Very quickly after 1939, the X Class became very popular all over the country.   With the development of radio control, some X-class boats were converted to RX boats. The class remains popular in the SFMYC although it has faded away elsewhere.  The RX Class is not recognized by the AMYA and the class is administered by the SFMYC.  RX sailors do, when racing, follow the AMYA rules for sailing.

The class is too small to attract a dedicated manufacturer.  Today, the RX class boats are custom made, or are modified from other classes, such as10-Raters or Marblehead boats with up to 1,000 square inches of sail.  RX boats are generally very fast, high performing yachts, much more so than their freesail counterparts.  The SFMYC adopted certain limitations on the freesail X boats for the purpose of keeping older boats competitive.  Known as the "SF Restrictions", these included displacement and draft limits.  The RX Class did not adopt the "SF Restrictions".  Fiberglass tends to be the material of choice, and the boats are long and slim, with deep keels, tall rigs, and light displacements.  See the RX Class Rating Rules for more information governing the RX Class specifications.  SFMYC members have approximately 14 RX boats.  They have an 8-race season, and compete on Thursday afternoons.

Star 45 Class

 The Star 45 is 45” long and based on the full-size 22’9” Star class sailboat.   Minimum weight is   12 lbs., with 70% of that weight in the keel.  Each boat carries around 1,000 sq. inches of sail.   They are both fast and agile, and can sail with a single suit of sails in all conditions.  Both   wooden and fiberglass boats are raced, with neither hull type showing any distinct advantage   over the other.   The competitive nature of the woodies makes the boat attractive to builders,   who can construct a competitive boat from commercially available wooden frames.  Visit the   American model Yachting Association ( for class specifications and boat plans.  SFMYC members have over 20 boats.  They compete in six weekend race days each season, and have eight races each day.  See the Current Sail Squadron Regatta Schedule for race dates.  

Wheeler Class

Wheeler class

The WHEELER is a one-design high performance replica of a Maxi Ocean Racer, and, in the words of Gordon Stout, who has won national championships in several AMYA classes, "It is as close to sailing a real boat as you can get with a model sailboat." The Wheeler is a big boat, with an overall length of 79", a waterline length of 63", a beam of 15", and design displacement of 30 pounds. The Wheeler carries 2,000 sq in of sail, which allows it to plane when the winds are up.  It is extraordinarily fast, and smooth:  an impressive sight on the water.  Because of its size, however, it is the most expensive  and most difficult to transport of the RC classes at the SFMYC.  Design specifications, manufacturer, and class secretary information are available at the American Model Yachting Association.

Currently, about eight SFMYC members have Wheelers, and the class has grown to the point where it has a four season race series season. 

Infinity 54 Class

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The INFINITY 54 was designed to meet the needs of the beginner as well as experienced sailors with a yacht built to last for many years of active racing. The boat sails well in light winds and performs beautifully in a blow.  Similar in size and performance to the developmental RX Class, the Infinity 54 is an AMYA sanctioned one-design.

A remote controlled sailboat that doesn't take an expert to build and sail competitively and won't cost you an arm and a leg! Not only that, the class rules are laid out to eliminate experimenting and out dating of older boats including a three channel limit on functions. This is truly a high performance ONE DESIGN by definition.  Visit the American Model Yachting Association for class specifications, manufacturer, and contact information for the class secretary.

Members of the SFMYC have about nine Infinity 54s.  They have an eight race season, and race on weekends.  See the Current Sail Squadron Regatta Schedule for race dates.


ODOM Class

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The One Design One Meter (ODOM) fleet is the largest and one of the most active RC fleets in
the Club. Members of the SFMYC own more than 30 ODOMS and sailing ODOMs is enjoyed
by a wide range of skippers, from beginners to world class sailors.  Its popularity stems from its
responsive sailing characteristics, moderate price and ease of transportation (it fits into many cars
without being unrigged). Because of the strict one design rules, both older and newer boats are
competitive in races on Spreckels Lake and around the Bay.
ODOMs are 1 meter long, physically attractive and a responsive, fun sailer. She will heel at
about 30 degrees in a two to ten knot breeze and point into the wind at about 40 degrees,
requiring almost no rudder input to stay on track, yet her helm is very responsive to rudder
inputs.  An ODOM likes to be sailed in strong winds: she has enough inertia to sail through
choppy water, but she's not too heavy to retard good acceleration in a puff.  Downwind running,
wing on wing, she is very fast and resists nose diving in strong wind puffs.

SFMYC ODOMs have an eight race season; with Club sponsored races once a month from
March through October, typically on the second Tuesday of the month. In addition to Club
sanctioned races, ODOMs sailors gather on Spreckels most other Tuesday afternoons, providing
informal race gatherings and opportunities for everyone to improve their skills. (See the Current
Sail Squadron Regatta Schedule for Club race dates)

The ODOM is an AMYA sanctioned class, with several active ODOM fleets in the Bay Area.
Originally created by selecting one of the best examples of the U.S. One Meter Class, which is a
developmental class, and then freezing the design to make a one-design class, all ODOMs still
qualify to race in U.S. One Meter events. While at first intended to be an entry level boat, the
ODOM has grown into one of the largest one design classes in the country.
For more information regarding ODOM sailing on Spreckels Lake, contact the SFMYC ODOM
Fleet Captain at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For additional information regarding the ODOM class
specifications and manufacturer's data, contact the America Model Yachting Association at


Victoria Class

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For almost a decade, SFMYC has included the smallest and least expensive Victoria One Design class in its fleet of radio-controlled model yachts.  Not only is it an actively-raced boat in many communities around the world, sanctioned by the American Model Yachting Association, it is a well-balanced, sweet-sailing model yacht. The boat’s low cost and good sailing characteristics make it a great first yacht, while remaining fun to sail and race for old hands as well. It is easy to transport, fully rigged, in the smallest of cars. Some of the Victorias sailed at SFMYC are in a so-called “Silver” fleet, utilizing the stock spars and sails that come with the kit.  Under AMYA class rules, a “Gold” fleet is also permitted; they use custom-made carbon-fiber spars and aftermarket paneled sails. That adds to the cost of the boat; most of our members now sail them.  There are more than 20 Victoria skippers in the Club, many of whom have built their own boats. Used Victorias come up for sale from time to time.


We also have four Club-owned Victorias which are kept handy in the Boathouse, making it possible for members, new members, and prospective members to sail a Victoria without cost. To reserve a Club boat, or to get hints about building your own (do NOT follow the kit’s instructions!), post a comment on the fleet’s email bulletin board.


To ask a question about the Victoria fleet, to inquire about boats for sale (or to sell one yourself) or to organize an impromptu weekend sail, use the Victoria fleet’s email bulletin board: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Victorias have an 8-race season, sailed on Wednesday afternoons, gathering about 12:30. The “official” monthly races start at 1pm.  Every Wednesday afternoon throughout the year rain or shine, will find at least a handful of Victorias on the Lake -- come sail with us!  We start the unofficial sailing about 12:30. But some of us just like to sail around peacefully, steering clear of the dynamics of racing, and you would be more than welcome to enjoy that aspect of our hobby.

See the Current Sail Squadron Regatta Schedule for race dates.