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Victoria Class

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In 2013, the SFMYC added the Victoria One Design class to its fleet of radio-controlled model yachts.  Not only is it an actively-raced boat in many communities around the world, sanctioned by the American Model Yachting Association, it is a well-balanced, sweet-sailing model yacht.  Better yet, it is relatively inexpensive. The Victoria is a simple, affordable, sailboat manufactured by the Thunder Tiger Model Company, and distributed world wide. The kit's low cost (about $130 for the kit and another $100 for servos and radio,) ease of assembly, and good sailing characteristics make it a great first yacht, while remaining fun to sail and race for old hands as well. It is easy to transport, fully rigged, in the smallest of cars. Most of the Victorias sailed at SFMYC are in a so-called “Silver” fleet, utilizing the stock spars and sails that come with the kit.  Under AMYA class rules, a “Gold” fleet is also permitted; they use custom-made carbon-fiber spars and paneled sails. That adds about $200 to the cost of the boat, and a few of our members sail them.  There are now more than 30 Victoria skippers in the Club, more than a dozen of whom have built their own boats. We also have four Club-owned Victorias which are kept handy in the Boathouse, making it possible for members, new members, and prospective members to sail a Victoria without cost. To reserve a Club boat, or to get hints about building your own, email Michael Fischer, Victoria Fleet Captain: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Victorias have an 8-race season, sailed on Wednesday afternoons.  Every Wednesday afternoon throughout the year rain or shine, will find at least a handfulof Victorias on the Lake -- come sail with us!  In late summer 2015, we will hold on third-annual Golden Gate Challenge Regatta -- Victoria skippers from up and down the West Coast will come to complete with (and often beat) us.  But some of us just like to sail around peacefully, steering clear of the dynamics of racing, and ou wuld be more than welcome to enjoy that aspect of our hobby.

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