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Star 45 Class

Click here for a larger imageThe STAR 45 is a hard chine hull designed to be simple enough for an entry level modeler to construct himself, using thin plywood for the hull.  It is a semi-scale model of the full-size Olympic Star boat. It a one design class, based upon an official plan set available from the AMYA.  Some of these models are scratch built. Others are assembled from manufactured kits, or partially fabricated with major components available from suppliers. A typical prefabricated approach for a Star 45 with all radio electronics could cost $500-$600. This one design class allows few variations.  Visit the American Model Yachting Association for class specifications as well as contact information for the class secretary.  SFMYC members have about 12 boats.  They compete on weekends, and have six races per season.  See the Current Sail Squadron Regatta Schedule for race dates.